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Our History


Martin Meyer, a young businessman in the 1930's from Emden, Holland, was a seller of regionally produced products.  Against his will, he was sent to a concentration camp during WWII and witness unspeakable horrors, yet he survived. He was emancipated from Auschwitz in 1945, and came to the United States to start a new life. With him he brought various products that were produced in Germany, and set up his company Martin Meyer Imports in Chicago.

Michelle Rose Jorgensen, a designer and crafts-person in San Jose California, opened Rose Mille in 1998, a vintage style crafts shop specializing in hard to find supplies for millinery, sewing, jewelry making, and paper crafts. She purchased uncommon products from Martin Meyer Imports, such as vintage flower stamens, scrapbook pictures, and gold foil scrap, later to be referred to as Dresden die-cuts.

Martin approached Michelle and her husband Bob, and others, to purchase his business as he was looking to retire at 90 years old. His existing partner, Edith, also wanted to retire.  Michelle convinced Martin to find and import German glass glitter and add it to their line. After visiting Martin and Edith in Chicago, and helping at a trade show in Los Angeles, they came up with the plan to move from the Bay Area, to Michelle's home state of Minnesota, and run Martin Meyer Imports out of their imagined affordable new, huge home.

Bob, a manufacturing engineer, working for a company in California, had a fantastic job offer in Minneapolis. They did move to Minnesota, but they put the purchase of Martin Meyer Imports on hold.  Michelle then re-opened Rose Mille in Stillwater Minnesota in 2002, which turned out to be a perfect fit.

During the mid 2000's, Michelle continued to purchase from Martin & Edith. A few years later, Martin sold the miniatures inventory of his business to a hobby company in Novato California, while Martin and Edith continued to operate Martin Meyer Imports in Chicago.

Unfortunately, during the great recession of 2008-2009, Bob was laid off his corporate job. Bob and Michelle then decided to officially purchase Martin Meyer Imports Company from Edith in 2011, after the peaceful passing of Martin in 2010 at the age of 99.

Since then, Bob and Michelle have combined Rose Mille and Martin Meyer Imports, and have renamed it Rose & Meyer, offering fine crafts supplies from Europe and the USA, as well as hand made cards, gifts, and vintage furnishings, on their websites, trade shows, and in their walk-in retail shop and studio.